Friday, May 30, 2008

Memorial Day weekend in St. Michael's!

We hosted Paul McDonnell, his fiancee Muriel Cornelis and her two daughters, Emilie and Alexia, aboard Equinox for the long weekend of Memorial Day. Thankfully, the weather gods smiled on us and we are finally rid of the rainy and cold May weather. (Maryland suffered through the wettest May on record this year, which was dismal at best, and cold and stormy often.) Ally was most delighted to have the girls aboard again, and the three of them were inseparable the entire time.

SO...sunshine and warmth were welcomed! We anchored out on the MIles river, enjoyed Ron's homemade crabcakes and grilled tenderloins for a superb surf and turf dinner, and walked about town window-shopping. On Saturday Ron, Paul and I used the water taxi to get our road bikes ashore, and the trio of us aboard our Trek Madones did a 28-mile loop around to Easton, Oxford, and then across on the Oxford-Bellevue ferry back to St. Michael's. A fabulous picnic lunch packed by the girls and Muriel awaited us on our return, which we all ate on the beack at Leeds Creek before spending the afternoon waterskiing and tubing. A glorious day!! You might even say we all had the "Time of my Life!!", which was the theme song for the evening dinghy cruise for we five women, -- we sang our hearts out to music while cruising on the still waters at sunset. Sunday evening we all enjoyed a lovely dinner at 208 Talbot, and quiet time on the boat. Monday we returned reluctantly, stopping at Kent Narrows for a fabulous lunch of steamed crabs before continuing on home to Baltimore.

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