Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Weekend with the Baldonis!

We spent the weekend enjoying the wonderful hospitality of Al and Kim Baldoni, along with their kids Tiara and Berto, up in Peckville, PA. As always, we had a fabulous time, and had way too much fun! We were totally outclassed by Berto (aka "Guitar Hero Genius") trying to play Guitar Hero, then relaxed in the hot tub in the sub-zero weather until our hair froze with icicles. Saturday, we enjoyed a lovely day together, watching movies and playing with Ginger, their little Pomeranian/Yorkie mix dog. Saturday evening we feasted on another gourmet meal of Al's with former boat neightbors, Joe and Debby Sellitto -- so good to see them again! We were sorry to miss the Medicos, but they were off to Hawaiii on their 10th anniversary trip....a better place to be than in the freezing northeast! Despite the weather, it was a blast of a weekend and we were thoroughly spoiled!
L-R: Joe Sellitto, Al Baldoni, Kim Baldoni, Ron Rothstein, Ally Rothstein, Karyn Rothstein and Debby Sellitto

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