Monday, February 2, 2009

Guys Weekend Aboard

Ron's been aboard this weekend, and has been hosting a couple buddies, Paul McDonnel and Erik Wexler, for a guys' weekend to do some diving and lobstering. Of course, the weather has been atrocious, with cold fronts keeping the winds blasting along at 25-30 knots under cloudy skies....go figure. At least the diving conditions managed to improve after the first day, when conditions were abysmal as the entry into the channel was nearly raging. Still, they dove! Ron and Paul managed to bag 5 lobster while snorkeling yesterday before Paul headed back and today Ron is hosting Rob from Martek aboard to deal with the KVH, and sea trial it tomorrow.

Ally and Karyn were down in South Carolina over the weekend, touring potential colleges. While in Charleston, Ally met up with a former OS friend who now attends CofC, and Karyn got the chance to meet and dine with Jim and Novella Prince, friends of the Miles's! Always fun to meet new friends! It was a great dinner, and a great time was had by all!! Both Ally and I LOVE the city...what a cool place!

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  1. Karyn,
    I don't know if I ever mentioned that I went to CofC, so if it's helpful I'm happy to talk to Ally about my experience there, which I would not trade for the world! Loved every minute of it!
    --Natalie Friton


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