Friday, January 14, 2011

Weather windows

Windows open, windows close, slam shut! How quickly things can change! We'd optimistically hoped the weather would cooperate as initially forecast to allow us to head farther south this weekend, but .... no. The weather window was merely a mirage! Oh well! We'd coordinated everything, from clearing out with Customs to having a good-bye luncheon on the shores of Chalk Sound at Las Brisas with Lisa and Tim. They are scheduled to fly out tomorrow, and we will miss them both dearly after the fabulous time we've had this week! From wining and dining to swimming and snorkeling, we've enjoyed being together. As Lisa said, it couldn't have been a better time if we had planned it! Serendipity rules again. 

Lisa and Ron on the bow of Equinox
We used the afternoon's high tide to move out of the marina and out into Cooper Jack Bay, where we are currently anchored. We did so in anticipation of moving on, but that didn't keep us from taking the dinghy back in to South Side Marina for another fun cruisers' cookout. There were a lot of folks in attendance! Besides the dozen or so folks currently at South Side and and folks off the boats anchored here in Cooper Jack Bay, there were locals in attendance, as well as other cruisers who came by car from the anchorage in Sapodilla Bay. The rain squall that rolled through at sunset couldn't dampen the spirits, and everyone enjoyed themselves. It was a fun evening meeting new folks, chatting and hearing new stories, and sampling the various dishes people provided (loved the lobster salad provided by Simon and Charlyn!). Post-prandial activities included everything from ice cream to a bit of guitar music: all thoroughly enjoyed and all fun! 

It was a fitting send-off....or so we thought! However, by the middle of the night, I knew that we weren't moving on. The winds piped up, blustering along at 25-30 kts, torrential rains pounded down...not exactly the hoped-for adventures in paradise! Thus, we are staying put, looking ahead for the next window of opportunity. While it's not much fun to be waiting on the weather, it's infinitely better than pressing on in poor conditions!! And since we are not on any time schedule, we will simply hang on the hook and enjoy being where we are.

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