Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bay Bridge Marina!

We came over to Bay Bridge Marina to be with our friends Al & Kim Baldoni, and Rick and Maria Davis and their kids. It was of course, low tide when we came in the Bay Bridge Marina channel; I called ahead to get local knowledge from Capt John, a friend of the Baldonis, who told us to keep to the starboard side of the channel coming in and we’d have plenty of water. Nevertheless, I hate seeing the depth sounder going blank, unable to get a reading because its mere inches from the bottom! (They say you haven’t cruised the Chesapeake if you haven’t gone aground…but that’s another story!) At any rate, Ron had no problems piloting the boat in, and pivoting and placing her against the bulkhead just past the entrance to the marina. And…SO GOOD to see the Baldonis and Davises again! Ally and the kids took off to the pool immediately and we adults soon followed for some Vitamin D ourselves, along with cocktails. Full blast sunshine, good friends, and a few drinks later, all was right with the world! We had a great late dinner in Stevensville at Rustico’s, and returned for dancing out at the tiki bar behind Hemingway’s overlooking the bay until the wee hours. Ahh!

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