Saturday, November 1, 2008

Human vented pressure valve

Murphy's Law....just when you think you have things under control, there's always something that goes awry. Take, for example the dinghy davit. It was on the list of things to inspect prior to our leaving, We were on our way to Hartge's for all the inspection and punch list items, but during our last night in Annapolis, the davit hydraulic unit pump decided to bleed out. It just sounded different as we were about to put the dinghy up in its davit, so I went down in the engine room to find out what was happening, and found it was spewing hyrdaulic oil into the pan beneath it.

Of course, the location of said unit is outboard of the 20Kw genset and aft of the starboard engine, and the way to reach it was by slithering over the engine exhaust elbow, if you were small enough. That would be me. I checked where the oil was coming from, and lo and behold, part of the vented oil cap came off in my hand! Argh! How would we get the dinghy up now? (We could always tow it to the West River, but...not the remainder of the way south!) It definitely needed attention. Using the walkie-talkies, Ron and I discovered that if I pressed my hand over the broken cap in its hole, it would provide enough pressure to enable the davit to work. We used it in small spurts to bring the dinghy to its cradle.

Meedless to say, it's on the top of the list for Hartge's to inspect and fix when we get there. Can't go to the islands without a dinghy!

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