Thursday, November 13, 2008

Caught in the washing machine....

...of heavy weather off Hatteras. I received an unexpected sat phone call from Ron at 1315 local, with their current position of 33.040N 77.152W, course of 321 degrees, and speed at 7.7 kts in confused, horrible seas. Waves of 15’ or more, wind gusts to 45 kts, they’ve made no headway south and are heading to Cape Fear. They've endured a few rolls of 40 degrees, which is rather exciting to say the least. (Ok, hearing that, I'm grateful I'm not along.)They've had an issue with some water getting in one of the forward portholes, and the water shorted out one of the outlets in our cabin (causing a lot of smoke and excitement aboard, apparently.) I can live without any more such excitement, personally.

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