Thursday, August 19, 2010

On the Hard and On the Road...

Equinox getting hauled at ACY

Well, Equinox is out of the water for the peak of hurricane season! We were a bit delayed in hauling her, since we'd wanted to have the local certified engine technicians aboard to the boat for inspection and detailed maintenance while we were still in the water. (It was our preference to be able to run the engines after the work was done, to make sure all systems were performing well.) never worked out! Despite numerous repeated calls to schedule the work, we were frustrated by an amazing lack of response -- and apathy --on their part. Hard to fathom in this economy that folks didn't want work, but we finally gave up on them. We will simply coordinate service elsewhere after Equinox splashes again in October/November time frame! 

Anyway, Ron and our friend Kerry took the boat up the river to American Custom Yachts, where Equinox is now safely blocked and getting pampered. It's sort of hard to believe we're on the hard...this was not really part of the original game plan way back when we first started cruising, but as always, especially with boats, plans need to be flexible and change. Circumstances being what they are, with Ally heading off to college, assorted family health issues and upcoming travel, it just made sense to haul Equinox for a couple of months at this time. Not only can we have the usual out-of-water maintenance done (inspect the bottom paint, props, and shafts, clean the through-hulls thoroughly, change out all the zincs - including the ones inside the stabilizer fins) we can also get a few extra projects done here and there. Best of all, she is happily safe and secure per our insurance should any storms arise while we are traveling farther afield! 

Safely ensconced in the boat yard

While Ron was piloting Equinox, I flew to Wisconsin to be with family for a few days. Not only is my dad is recuperating and working to regain strength after back surgery, (the reason I was here just a few weeks ago) I also have my 30th high school reunion this weekend! It was nice to be in temperate latitudes again for a bit, and in keeping with the humor of high school memories, after visiting with my dad at the rehab hospital, my sister, step-mom and I went out to  dinner at The Kiltie drive-in. Yes, drive-ins do still exist!!

Just a few of  the cars filled with folks at The Kiltie

Yes, the girls are wearing kilts!

As you can see, the Kiltie is very popular and packed in the evenings. While  a Kiltie burger beckoned, I had to have a good Wisconsin bratwurst, and so indulged! Kiki and Sandra had cheeseburgers, and we all feasted in nostalgic fashion. The tray was just as I remembered, hanging on the window with its little vinyl-clad hooks, although the modern sloping windows of cars these days do make it a challenge, as the food threatened to slide off the tray before we got it into  the car safely! Still, a lot of fun, and great food. Perhaps when Ron and Ally join us for the weekend, we will return? I don't think Ally's seen a drive in before!

The menu board outside by the parking spots

The roadside sign

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  1. Kilte! Ahh, know it well. Would take take our kids there every so often. And of course on the dog's birthday off we'd go for his favorite, a carmel sundae! :-)


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