Sunday, April 10, 2011

En route to the Exumas!

The cruising life lends itself to its own rhthyms. No alarm clocks but the sun, and we were up at a leisurely 7:00. It feels so good to let the body dictate when to awake! After our usual pre-cruise engine room checks and other preparations to batten things down, we were underway at 8:30…with a GLORIOUS weather forecast for the next three days!! Passage-making just doesn’t get any better than this! 

Blue, blue, beautiful blue everywhere!
For some reason, we tend to make our meals a bit celebratory when we are underway. Perhaps it's being outside with the ocean and the elements making us hungry, but food does have a bit of the stage! Ron started off the passage in master chef mode, making us a fabulous lobster omelet to share, complete with crispy bacon and toast from my just-baked bread on the side. I think we found the bacon in St. Martin; it was quite a find, thick-cut and delicious. (Very sure we didn't get it at the market in DR!!) But what a great start to a smooth passage!

From there, we just enjoyed the day thoroughly. We fished as we went (alas, again no luck), I read a bit and wrote some more, and we did crosswords or other puzzles in between small tasks when not taking our turns at the helm. Ron repaired our long mooring bridle, splicing on a better length of line for the shackle piece. Food again: I prepped dinner, which was a pot roast in the crock pot, strategically adding vegetables throughout the day as we went, and making a killer gravy at the end. Yum!! Served over wild rice with steamed asparagus, it was a perfect complement to watching the sun set from the fly-bridge, where we dined. Life is good!
Calm seas and gorgeous weather! Love it!

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