Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Last leg for this journey...

...and we are now in our home port, once again. We are back in Jensen Beach, snug and safe after a fabulous cruise. We had a great night on anchor at Rose Island, happily having a quiet night in settled weather, even though we got a huge wash-down in a drenching downpour right after dinner. No wind, but the rain poured straight down and scrubbed us clean as could be! 

"Jimmy" checking out the heavy rain
We left in the morning, and toyed with delaying our return by a stop in West End, hoping to catch up with friends aboard Miles Aweigh, but found out they were in the Abacos...so, homeward we went. We had such a lovely weather window that we couldn't pass it up! We cruised from Rose Island, up through the Providence Channel, fishing as we went. And...lots of action!! We caught a large black tuna, and later, after seeing a flock of birds over the water, we had two simultaneous hits! One was huge...and Ron battled it until it snapped the line clean and disappeared. I had the other rod, and pulled in our first bluefin tuna! We felt it was just a bit small though, and quickly released it, despite our excitement at finally getting a bluefin! But...hopefully better karma going forward, you know? 

Our newly caught' blackfin on ice...almost 26", which is
a good-size for a blackfin. Fresh tuna for dinner!
We cruised on through the night, getting a huge push from the Gulf Stream to arrive at the St. Lucie Inlet around 8:00 a.m., just before high tide. Nice to have plenty of water coming in, since the inlet has shoaled a bit and the markers have shifted since we left last October! We pulled into Outrigger Harbour with literally no wind...just one more bit of the gorgeous weather we enjoyed over the past two weeks! Hard to believe this one journey is over...but, every landfall is appreciated and we're so very thankful and glad to have experienced such a marvelous seven months aboard. There will be more to come!

Back in our home slip, once again

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