Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Harbour Hopping, Take II

The ruins of an old sugar mill on the Antiguan coast
Sorry for the delay in posting; we have been on the move, with another set of friends aboard for more cruising this week. Unfortunately, when moving about internet is always an unknown as to how reliable or fast it might be at the location where we end up anchoring! (But...a far cry from just a few years ago when wireless internet was practically non-existent when anchored out.) Still, without a ton of patience no blogging would ever get accomplished, since island internet isn't that great to start with: bandwidths quickly get clogged and speeds decrease exponentially. Yes, patience is a virtue! 

We have our friends Paul and Muriel aboard this week, so we've gone harbor hopping yet again. We went from Jolly Harbour to Five Islands Harbour to Carlisle Bay to Falmouth Harbour, indulging in all sorts of activities. We spent one day ashore, visiting to the public markets in St. John's: the fish market, the meat market, the many stands with mouth-watering vegetables. 
No chewing of gum, no indecent feet on the walls? Didn't
think that really was an issue, but okay...
Buying fresh produce from Sharlene at the market
We provisioned with fresh vegetables for the week before we headed out cruising; later days we spent snorkeling, swimming, enjoying dinghy cruises, diving, and enjoying simply being in the sunshine. From dinners aboard over candlelight on the back cockpit to raucous fun ashore, we've had a great week! Plus, in Falmouth, we met up with our friends George and Kelly off s/v Earthling, where we enjoyed their company up on Shirley Heights for the Sunday evening sunset and steel band, before dinner at Cloggy’s. It’s been a social whirl the past few days! 
Sunset over the Caribbean from Five Islands Harbour
Muriel and Paul enjoying a dinghy cruise at sunset!
Today though, we finally made our way around the east side of Antigua, as winds were moderate in the morning and seas just 3'-5’ along the coast. Under a beautiful sunny sky, Equinox enjoyed an easy 2-hour cruise from Falmouth. Easing our way into the anchorage on the northwest side of Green Island, we found a large area of moorings available for use. We chose a nearly-new, all-chain mooring close to the island which we were happy to use for our stay. Talk about lovely: the anchorage is extremely protected, yet with a vista of Nonsuch Bay and the Atlantic that can’t be matched by many other places! How lucky we are to be here!
Eclipse to the left, Equinox in the middle, anchored in Nonsuch Bay
Looking east at the Atlantic. No land until Africa!
Green Island is situated at Antigua’s easternmost point, and serves as the southern gateway to stunning Nonsuch Bay. The first vessel to make its way into the bay was the Nonsuch in 1647, and consequently, gave the bay its name. Green Island is a very pretty place as well, being home to tropicbirds and finches to ospreys and pelicans. Its hillsides are covered with foliage from cacti, assorted palms, yuccas, acacia trees to century plants waving their tall blooms, the greenery blankets the island, swooping down to the sand at the water’s edge. A barrier reef protects the north side of the island, providing our very comfortable anchorage from which to gaze out over the turquoise waters of Nonsuch Bay and the cobalt waters of the Atlantic beyond the reef. We spent a good two hours walking about the island before snorkeling and swimming along the coastline reefs, which we followed up with a lovely dinner on the afterdeck and a starlight show of amazing proportions. The open bay and ocean vistas surrounded us!
Young century plants emerging amidst the foliage on Green Island
So I have to say...another great week aboard sharing a new island, experiencing a different culture with dear friends. This is why we cruise!

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