Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Departure day!!

Well, it's departure eve, actually, but we will be heading out in the early morning and I won't be able to access any internet until Friday (10/22) at the earliest, when we hopefully will be clearing in with Bahamian Customs and Immigrations at Green Turtle Cay, which should be our first port of call. The weather here continues to be lovely and calm and is forecast to continue, with seas just 2-3 feet, so we are taking the blessings of the seas as they come! Let's hope the forecasts are accurate and we have a smooth crossing to the Bahamas!

We have covered a LOT of ground the past few days -- weeks, actually -- getting Equinox set to cruise after her hurricane season lay-up. All systems have been either inspected, repaired, maintained, tweaked, stocked, oiled, painted, petted, polished, or shined, and I have to say, it's reassuring to have checked and double-checked everything! We are feeling secure, happy to be aboard in our ship-shape little ship, for Equinox is in top form!! From stem to stern, we've got things in great working order and she is looking so pretty and pristine, that we are almost reluctant to take her out in the spray. Well...not really. We're looking forward to getting out there and just be cruising: being on the water, under the warm sun and feeling the breeze, smelling the sea air. No regrets or resentments for all our hard work, and we are so grateful for all the fabulous efforts of those who helped us along the way. It's all very appreciated!!

And so...tomorrow we cruise! We're aiming to reach the Turks and Caicos, so will be ambling our way south through the more protected areas of the Bahamas. We've got a bit of time, and while conditions here are favorable, we will also be keeping a wary eye on the unsettled weather to the south affecting the Caymans and Jamaica. Let's hope that is the last of this year's hurricane season rain events, shall we? In the meantime: bon voyage!!

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