Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fisher's Bay, Great Guana Cay

Relaxation time is calling! Hanging out at Grabber's
We moved the boat earlier today, just a few miles south along the coast of Great Guana Cay, down to Fisher’s Bay. The anchorage here is a bit more protected from the easterlies which are piping along at 20 knots or so, and the water is deeper closer to shore as well, providing a more protected lee. So, once the anchor was down on Equinox, we had a leisurely day. 

After all the intense focus and push to accomplish and complete the to-do lists before casting off the dock lines, it feels utterly decadent to do...not much of anything! We each kicked back, read, did crosswords, checked e-mail and then dropped Eclipse into the water so we could dinghy over to Grabber’s for a bit of lunch. It was really a rather lazy day, with nothing much going on except for the frisky winds. 

Grabber's Bed, Bar & Grill as seen from Fisher's Bay
We’ve decided to enjoy the journey and take our time exploring; while we've been to Great Guana Cay before, we've not seen much of the island beyond the main harbor area on the west side, and Nipper's on the east beach. (I'm not counting all our dives and explorations of the reefs offshore Great Guana in July!) So, since the wind is picking up a bit, cruising and crossing from the Abacos farther south will have to wait a few days. This time of year there are few other visitors, as most families are locked into school-year schedules and routines, so it's a delightfully quiet time to be here. 

Ron and I made it down the quaint and crooked dinghy dock (no level or plumb-line ever touched this pier!) for a delicious lunch pool-side at Grabber's, a beautiful little resort/bar & grill on Fisher's Bay. As the first "resort" on Great Guana Cay  -- actually, just a few rooms, a bar and a dock -- it was originally known as the Guana Harbor Club. It's also famous as the home of the "Guana Grabber", their signature rum drink! As their resort website says, it was "created here and honored the world over by those that have had a few. In fact, few sailors travel through the Abacos with stopping in for a taste". Of course, Ron and I had to indulge in one with our meals...!

The dinghy dock at Grabber's, with plenty of ladders for all
After a leisurely lunch, we returned to the boat for siestas, more reading and relaxing. A rather slow day aboard, but one definitely appreciated!

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  1. Following your adventure with interest. Keep up the great posts. Paul


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