Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Stranger than fiction

"He's a stranger in a strange land,
Just a stranger in a strange land..."
                                                     - Leon Russell

Strangers, yep, that's us! Ron and I are now getting re-acclimated to being back on land, although I still confess to amazement over the plentiful choices at the grocery store, the sheer size and number of vehicles on the road, the abundance of stores and people! Plus, I am totally in love with the blazing speed of internet here, and I'm even remembering how to use my cell phone after months of non-use. Wow...easy access to communication of all types, how bizarre! It does feel strange!

At least there has been one constant though -- the weather! The winds have been a bit brisk lately, so we've used the breezy but beautiful weather to our advantage, enjoying some land-based activities. We've been bicycling up a storm on our road bikes -- what a difference they are from our little Dahon folding bikes that we have on the boat! (We do love our Dahons, but it is a joy to be out on our light and nimble road bikes -- on paved roads!) We've been on our bikes every morning, riding anywhere from 15-30 miles, along the shores of the beautiful Indian River. With herons, egrets, ibis, brown pelicans and sandhill cranes for company, we've had a good time rolling along the river in the early morning sunshine! Getting out and enjoying nature is something that doesn't change either, whether aboard or not!
One of our trusty Dahons, used to bring provisions back to the boat,
often on unpaved and rutted roads. A great thing to have aboard!
We're getting a lot of things accomplished with Equinox, too. We had Martek aboard just this morning, going over the list of electronic gremlins to fix from the finicky port autopilot to the temperamental wind indicator. Progress will be made, and it feels so good to get projects underway! Just a few days ago I had the interior of the boat detailed and cleaned intensively; Cami and her crew did their usual fabulous job, for which I am immensely grateful!! While I always do what I can to keep the interior clean when we're out cruising, it's a relentless battle against the salty air, sea dust and sand that find their way into every crevice. After seven months aboard in the Caribbean, a heavy-duty interior detailing was a must! It feels fabulous to have the boat so pristine once more! 

We've also indulged ourselves to satisfy a few cravings for food we lacked while aboard, going out to dinner for Japanese sushi, German sauerbraten, and re-visiting local favorites of Crunchy grouper, mahi-mahi reubens, and Cobb salads. All and every vegetable is on the menu as well! We certainly didn't starve while cruising, but specialty cuisine was appreciated in every port, and we're finding that home port is no exception! So...maybe things aren't so strange, after all! 

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