Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ten Reasons We Love Anguilla!

Members of the Anguilla Youth Sailing Club racing just before sunset

We love Anguilla. Why? Here are our ten reasons!

10)   The island is low-key and relatively undeveloped.
9)   No cruise ships. And, no cruise ship-oriented stores full of over-priced luxury items or schlocky tourist stuff. 
8)   Friendly customs and easy clearance, as well as free wifi in Road Bay harbor, courtesy of a couple of the Sandy Ground restaurants and bars.
7)  Beautiful beaches (33) flanked by turquoise waters. Despite its uncanny ability to get everywhere on board the boat, we loved the soft white sand! Shoal Bay is not to be missed.
6)   Great beach bars and restaurants. Over 70 on an island only 16 miles long!
5)   Good diving. The marine park designated areas and their restrictions on anchoring have made an impact. The reefs are in great shape, and there is plenty of fish life
4)   Jimmy Buffett has played here with the local reggae legend, Bankie Banx. Would have loved to have been here for that!
3)   The people are among the friendliest in the Caribbean. Cheerful, honest working folk. No one is trying to hustle you. Their hospitality is genuine.
2)  Amazing rum punches. No pre-made, overly-sweet generic pink stuff here! Each place makes them from scratch, usually to include a bit of amaretto and a dash of freshly grated nutmeg on top. We want the recipe!

And the #1 reason we like Anguilla:

1)   They love the Baltimore Ravens!! Clearly, wise fans on a great island! Everywhere we went, from Shoal Bay to Sandy Ground, we found ample evidence:
At Uncle Ernie's Restaurant, Shoal Bay -- we added the Equinox sticker, of course!
Elvis himself, at Elvis' Beach Bar, Sandy Ground,
where Brett generously let us watch the Ravens game on Sunday.
At Ripples Restaurant and Pub, on an inside wall. 
Go Ravens! :)

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