Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hectic week of work and travel!

Work, work, work....boat work, that is. It continues apace, and Ron and I are still coordinating it all, from generator repairs, electronics issues, compressor diagnostics (since the low compressor side of the Nitrox system is still not working properly) to upgrades and repairs on the tender as well as the center console. Ron has no idea how he ever had time to work before, when being the "Boat Work GM" now consumes most of his time! It's been a crazy week, with a lot of running around and phone calls, but...progress is being made! From large issues (12 Kw water pump replaced) to small triumphs (summer kitchen grill cover repaired), we're grateful that it is all coming together. It's definitely one piece at a time, of course, along with a few stumbling blocks thrown in for fun. What can I say? It's a boat.

However, as a much-welcomed and highly-anticipated respite from all the juggling of boat-related activity, we spent this past weekend away, as we were up in Baltimore celebrating Ally's graduation with family and friends. It was a GREAT time; wonderful to be with family again, fun to be back in Baltimore, and the graduation ceremony was beautiful. Ally was all smiles walking down Graduation Hill at Oldfields, looking radiant in the sunshine! While all the girls at the school participate in the graduation ceremony each year, we'd never seen it before ourselves, as Ally wanted her senior year to be the first time we saw it. Seeing it for the first time was a heart-felt delight, as the OS traditions were beautiful, and the whole ceremony was a happy, memorable time! 

All the OS girls and the May Court assembling for graduation

Dinner that evening was in a private room at La Scala, our favorite Italian restaurant downtown in Little Italy, where the food was fabulous, the conversation continuous, with everyone celebrating happily. It was a great family time; after being aboard the boat this spring and cruising far from home, it felt very special to be together! Friends and family are what it's all about!

The view of downtown Baltimore from our hotel

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