Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Think We Are Ready!

After a good month of inspection, detection, correction and/or upgrading of various systems as needed, Equinox is now shining and ready to set out upon the seas once again! Of course, if it weren't for the last minute, nothing would get done! Thus, we have been running at a high rate of speed the past few days in an attempt to wrap things up and prepare for departure. From today's provisioning for fresh vegetables for the boat, to dealing with the last items of correspondence and bills, to going to a dentist appointment for Allison, we've been on the move non-stop. After working to wrap up the last few frustrating loose ends, we're a bit tied in knots and more than a bit tired!

BUT... happiness is being able to look ahead! We have our good friends Paul and Muriel flying in tonight, and if tomorrow's good weather forecast holds true, mid-day at high tide we will cast off the lines and head for the Abacos. We're not on any tight schedule whatsoever, but rather, we're letting the weather dictate our itinerary. With Tropical Storm Alex churning towards Texas and the current focus of attention, we're not going to be cavalier about the weather, believe me! 

We're looking to do a bit of diving, some fishing, and most of all, some relaxing!! After the hard work of coordinating boat maintenance and repairs, we are definitely ready to kick back and simply enjoy being aboard. While we've hosted Paul and Muriel aboard several times before when we were cruising the Chesapeake with Equinox, this will be their first ocean passage. They're very excited to be making the crossing to the Bahamas with us, so we're hoping for good weather and calm seas so that their first taste of blue water will be a good one! Wish a bon voyage!

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