Monday, December 22, 2008

Back in the Bahamas!!

And, Taylor is finally here! She's a trooper....after the weather created chaos in the midwest, closing the Milwaukee airport for a while, Tay had to deal with the associated flight delays. Her initial flight was going to be so delayed into ORD that the airline sent her by car! Of course, the car was so delayed in coming, she missed her connection anyway, and spent the next 15 hours in the airport among the crush of everyone else who was delayed. She finally got to Charlotte (where we were supposed to meet 12 hours earlier) and was gratefully picked up by Jodi, Aunt Jen's friend. After a night there, Tay got on the next (also delayed) flight to Freeport, and joined our merry group around 4 in the afternoon!

We shared a lovely holiday dinner with the Miles' aboard Miles Aweigh last night, and are bound for the Abacos today, over to Green Turtle. The weather is kicking up a bit, so all the better to cruise while we can.

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