Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Wisconsin Winter Interlude

Ok, a major break from the boat as I spent the weekend with my family in Wisconsin, at Dad and Sandra's new condo overlooking Lac La Belle in Oconomowoc. Getting off the plane in Milwaukee was a bit of a shock to my system, for it was only 5 degrees and that was not accounting for wind chill! There was snow on the ground, and more was falling. Let's just say it took my breath away!!

Anyway, the new condo is absolutely lovely and just perfect for them! It was a relaxing time; I got to see my brother-in-law Peter, sisters Jennifer and Kiki, and nieces Jordan and Taylor while we spent time together decorating the tree, getting pictures hung and things organized after the move, watching the Packers (and the Ravens), and generally indulging a bit. As always, good to be home!

Our only disappointment was that Ally couldn't join us due to school and social obligations, but she'll come out again with me in the spring or summer.

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