Friday, December 26, 2008

Diving with Brendal

We really wanted to dive the outer reefs along Green Turtle, but not knowing the reef and with the conditions being a bit on the rough side, we decided we would go out with Brendal, the owner/operator of Brendal's Dive Shop at Green Turtle. ( He knows all the sites, having been in business here since 1985, and has been featured in many a travel magazine and travel guides. His warmth and personality made everyone feel at home, from the snorkelers aboard, to the certified divers with lots of dives. We had a fabulous dive along the backside of Crab Cay, through caverns and swimthroughs. After an hour of diving in 73 degree water, though, we were frozen!! The rum punch on the way back to the dock was a great form of antifreeze!

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