Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Chilly Maryland

Well, the autumnal equinox has come and the weather has turned here in Maryland...cooler, crisp mornings in the 50s. Today is sunny and gorgeous, and the early morning waterview would be stunning as it always is, but alas, we are not aboard. We are actually at our house, getting set to de-clutter and purge the furniture in preparation to show the house. We're sorting through everything with an eye on downsizing, since we plan to cruise aboard Equinox extensively after Ally is off to college.

View of the morning sun across our back yard

SO...we spent a good portion of yesterday going through the basement, deciding 1) what will be sent to the Florida condo, 2) what will be stored for Ally for her first apartment post-college (since the cost of storing the items will be less than having to buy everything new again), 3) what we will be donated or 4) what goes out in the trash. Not an easy task after having been in a house 14 years!! But, it feels FABULOUS to lighten the load and raise the waterline! We had a large dumpster delivered to the driveway, and will have some strong backs in tomorrow to start filling it in earnest.

We also donated all of our gym equipment to Oldfields school....a significant amount of things, including a competition level ping-pong table, a Life Fitness treadmill, exercise bike and an elliptical cross-trainer. I will miss those, to be honest!! I really enjoyed having the use of it all while it was here, but we will definitely not have room in FL for it. We use our bicycles whereever we go with the boat, so it's not as if we aren't getting our exercise!

Well, back to the crush of boxes and bubble-wrap!

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