Thursday, September 3, 2009

St. Michael's, Maryland

Ah....another busy week in port. It's weeks like this that make one realize how fantastic the cruising life is...every day you are so exhausted after running countless errands that relaxing on the aft deck of the boat in the evening is truly golden time. Sitting back, just appreciating being on the water, having a glass of wine, watching the sunset with your doesn't get any better than that!!

This week Ron played pack mule and hauled in cases of oil for the mains for when we are down in the islands this winter. While we've found that Shell products are fairly easy to obtain in the islands (and even in Baltimore, as PPC-Lubes Plus delivers right to the boat), John Deere-specific items are harder to find. We have a supplier in Baltimore County that we use, so we're trying to make sure our stock of oil filters, fuel filters, impellers and oil is replenished, and that we have room for said supplies! Ron has spent a lot of time re-arranging the spares in the caverns under the beds, not to mention everywhere else.

While Ron was busy doing that, I was dealing with dental check-ups, doctors visits and school stuff with Ally. She's now a 5-day boarder at Oldfields; it was a little bittersweet helping her move in to her dorm room this past Monday. Both Ron and I were a bit choked up upon leaving..."you can't go home again", as they say, and Ally is now one step closer to adulthood. Whatever happened to the 4-year-old out in the yard, stomping in rain puddles and singing at the top of her lungs? She's still singing, just a different tune...

While Ally was a bit homesick the first night (and a bit shocked to realize that she had more freedom at home as a day student than she now does at school as a boarder), she is happily settling into a routine. Between reuniting with friends, meeting new students, being a Big Sister on campus, starting classes, and working at tennis practice, she's busy and enjoying things. We will see her for only for a day or so this weekend, as OS has lots of orientation activities going on Saturday, as well as classes on Monday.

In the meantime though, Ron and I cruised to St. Michaels for an early start to Labor Day weekend. We'd originally thought we'd be hosting the McDonnells aboard, but between Ally being in school already and their girls being busy with friends in NJ, it wasn't going to work. SO...another time. Since Paul and Muriel couldn't come down, we were free to head out early, and after a quick provisioning trip, we went across the Bay and through Kent Narrows:

Awaiting the bridge opening at Kent Narrows, MD

Sailboat anchored to our west upon our arrival --certain
to be joined by many others before the weekend is over!

It's hard being without the dinghy as it's still being fixed --- go figure. (Let's see if it will be ready in a month--- but I'm not holding my breath.) Thankfully, St. Michael's has a water taxi that we can hail when we want to go to town or do some bicycling, but we are looking forward to merely being on anchor and enjoying a bit of quiet time. Right now, we are one of just three boats on anchor just to the east of town on the Miles River; we need the depth and the anchorage near the Inn At Perry Cabin gets too crowded and close for our comfort on these busy weekends. Time for some wine on the aft cockpit -- it's 5 0'clock somewhere!!

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