Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wisconsin Interlude...

...Karyn is in Wisconsin visiting with her family this week in the lovely town of Oconomowoc. (Nope, not making up the name, honest! It comes from a Potawatamie word for "where the waters meet".) While Karyn grew up in the near-by town of Hartford, her father & step-mom recently downsized and moved to a lovely condo overlooking the shores of Lac La Belle. Settled in 1837, Oconomowoc was actually quite famous as a summer resort town of the families of wealth from Chicago, St. Louis and Milwaukee. Palatial, slate-roofed country homes were built on its lake shores, and Lake Road became known as "Presidents' Avenue" since Taft, Grant, Cleveland, Coolidge, McKinley and Teddy Roosevelt all spent time here at Draper Hall, enjoying the hospitality of the wealthy locals. The Montgomery-Ward estate is just a few doors down the road from the condo here, and the Pabst estate is not too far either.

Clearly a coveted sign

It's a pretty time of year to be here...the trees are just beginning to turn, and the days are crisp and sunny. Karyn got her boating fix in last night, cruising around Lac La Belle on her dad's "float boat" (very popular here) with her sister Kiki and brother-in-law Peter for a pre-dinner cocktail cruise of sorts. Pete had just switched out the fuel from the boat's fuel tank (it had gone bad from all the condensation in the tank over the summer), and the boat needed to be run. Fun times on Lac La Belle!

Peter relaxing

Sunset over Lac La Belle

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