Monday, September 7, 2009

Rolling stones...

...are better than rolling boats! But you knew that, right? Anyway...we had a great stay in Annapolis! Lovely weather, great to be with Ally, tied up in a nice t-head slip at Yacht Basin...and serendipity prevailed, for we met up with friends from all places. (Some we didn't even know!) So here we were early Sunday morning, Ally is still asleep, and Ron and I are heading off the docks with our bikes for a quick 19-miler when we're stopped by Michelle and Bill, off Whole Lotta Fun! (Michelle was in her Day-Glo jammies; I almost didn't recognize her at first!) She and Bill were at Yacht Basin, because her sister was getting married that evening at the Annapolis Yacht Club....small world, truly! Turns out our friends Kerry and Karen were attending the wedding that evening as well, although not coming by boat. Fun nevertheless! We headed out on our bike ride, laughing about how we always meet up with folks we know! Cruising life lends itself to that...:)

Then, during our bike ride, clipping along and enjoying the glorious views of the bay from the Bay Ridge neighborhood in Annapolis, we see a guy ahead of us out for a run, wearing a Dean's Yacht Services t-shirt. I think to myself, "Gee, that looks like Jim"....and, it IS! Jimmy Dean, the owner himself! He's a great guy, hard worker and one of our "peeps" -- people/friends who are indispensable to your life -- Jim and his fabulous crew clean Equinox every Friday afternoon when we are in Baltimore. So, we enjoyed chatting with him for a bit before heading back to Annapolis and across the Compromise Street Bridge. We were back in time for the farmers' market at the edge of Town Dock and then brunch at McGarvey's (delicious)! Ally worked hard on her English essay during the afternoon, while we watched a bit of preseason football until she had to head back to school. (Kudos to our neighbors Ricky and David for taking her the last few miles after she dropped her car off at the house -- seniors aren't allowed to have their cars on campus until spring.) After we said good-bye to Ally in the parking lot and were walking back to Equinox, we were way-laid by members of the aforementioned wedding party: Michelle & Bill, whose nephew Jason was in need of a tie for the wedding. (Jason had forgotten to pack his.) Ron to the rescue!! Ron actually had several ties aboard Equinox for Jason to choose from, and...once a classy, appropriate one was found, Ron even helped him "tie the knot", so to speak, so the wedding could proceed!! Ron asked if anyone needed other help...hmmm. A speech, or toast? Just call! He felt like a wedding planner~! :) Truly, a day of family and friends..!

Nevertheless, on Monday we were on the move again by 1100, (rolling stones and all that) to head back to our slip in BMC. (For those of you who are following our boat blog, we welcome all the hellos and how-are-yous! Thanks for stopping by! Ron got to talk with you, but I was still busying with getting the power cables in, so didn't have a chance to say hi myself.) At any rate, the Bay was breezy and filled with sailboats, but we reached Baltimore in time for a leisurely cruise of the Inner Harbor, before returning to our slip for an open-air dinner on the aft cockpit. We're relaxing now, watching the US Open (as we have been all weekend!). All in all, a great Labor Day weekend!!
Coming into the Inner Harbor

Passing the National Aquarium

Town homes along Boston Street, with the Greek
Orthodox cathedral in the background

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