Friday, February 18, 2011

Boat chores, big and small

Ron and I spent today cleaning the boat topsides and prepping her for a good waxing this coming week. We got a good recommendation on a detailing guy, so have arranged for him to come and do some work. However, that also meant we needed to empty the flybridge area of the bikes and the extra items we have up there, so that it's easier to wash and wax. It's not in dire need, but we like to do it every so often, especially with the heavy exposure to the heat and sun.

Plus, I also spent the morning trying to decide what to pack! We're heading off-island for a few days, flying back to the States to take care of a few annual doctor and dentist appointments, but more importantly, to visit with Ally in Denver (brrr!) and my family in Wisconsin (double brr!). Ally is absolutely loving University of Denver, but since she has such a short spring break this year, she won't be joining us aboard Equinox as she has in years past. Thus, the reason for our trip west to see her, and the short hiatus from live-aboard life. While it will be wonderful to see her and meet all her new friends, I'm in a bit of a quandary as to what to pack. I suspect I am in for climate shock! In any event, we spent the morning finishing up the myriad of things needed to prep the boat, and ourselves, for our departure. Olivier, the capable Capitainerie at the marina, will be keeping an eye on Equinox for us while we are away. 

View looking east from the Paradise View. Aptly named!
Morning chores completed, we had lunch at the Paradise View, a charming little Breton creperie on the east side of the island high on a hill overlooking Orient Bay and Lucas Bay to the south. The views are stunning, and the menu is too! They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, and the most amazing sweet or savory crepes. The menu has a mouth-watering list to choose from, with all sorts of crepe fillings, be it for a simple breakfast: "oeufs sur la plat" -- scrambled eggs -- for example, or a classic omelet with potatoes, bacon, onions and cheese: omelette with "Pommes de terre, lardons, oignons, et fromage". (Why do things sound so much better in French??) I chose a savory omelet for lunch, with egg, spinach, cheese and ham, but I was tempted to try the Crepe Americaine, with hamburger, onions, tomatoes, cheese and egg....! Meanwhile, Ron had the crepe "super complete" with ham, cheese, egg mushrooms and cream. Decadence!! The crepes were paper-thin and delicious, and the fillings layered delicately was beyond words to describe how they melted in your mouth!
Before lunch, enjoying the view
After lunch, we decided to spend another relaxing day at the beach, where we swam, read, walked a bit and simply relaxed. Ron isn't one to quietly sit at the beach, so it was a novelty to do ... nothing! A definite change of pace from our usual activities! But a much enjoyed day, nevertheless and a great way to relax before a hectic travel day tomorrow. While eager to see Ally and family again, we're also eager to return, since we feel like we've finally reached the true Caribbean here, and have so much more to explore. We've barely scratched the surface of the waters, so to speak!

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