Monday, October 24, 2011

Good Day, Mate!

After my amazing night watch and the breath-taking breaking of the dawn across the seas to the east ahead...the remainder of our day was just as delightful! As I said, we’ve enjoyed conditions beyond our wildest hopes! (Actually, I did hope for them, but never expected them to materialize!) Ron’s been reading the weather patterns and winds perfectly, and because of that, we’ve been running with a favorable weather window ever since we left. It’s especially nice that the gloom of the first two days has since been replaced with warm sunshine, but more importantly, it’s fabulous that the seas have been so kind. We ran with following seas the first two days, and most recently, with comfortably long 3’-4’ swells quartering on the port bow. (Much better than taking them head-on!) Waves were shorter and choppier at times, but it’s been far and away much easier than we experienced the last time we came tripping down the Thorny Path!  Gratitude!!
Does it get any better than this? Don't think so!
It was so calm that we opened up the pilothouse doors and spent a good part of the day outside. What a treat! We read up on the flybridge in the shade, fished and sat on the aft cockpit, did a little sunbathing au naturelle on the new sun pad, goggled at the cobalt blue of the water sliding past, and generally ... just appreciated the cool breezes and great conditions!! The seas were even better than what was forecast, so Ron put his new fishing rod tree to use, dragging a few lines behind Equinox.

The Christmas tree rod holder getting ready for use!

And...yes!! Ron was rewarded with a decent-sized mahi-mahi that we landed mid-afternoon. Fresh fish for dinner! We had to giggle, for the old “Let’s-pull-some-salmon-out-of-the-freezer-for-dinner trick" worked like a charm. (It never fails; once we make the statement out loud on the back deck -- and actually pull some salmon out of the freezer -- the fish start to bite!!) The salmon was quickly put back into the freezer, having been only bait, after all -- and we savored a quiet dinner at  sunset, surrounded by sea and solitude. From dawn to dusk, it was definitely a lovely day! 

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