Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Sisyphean Task...

...will we ever get to depart?? Ron and I are beginning to wonder, as we're beginning to feel like Sisyphus! For those weak on Greek mythology, Sisyphus was a rather arrogant and nasty king who was punished for his misdeeds by Zeus, who compelled him to roll an immense boulder up a hill, only to watch it roll back down again; Sisyphus was forced to repeat this exercise in frustration and futility for all eternity. Kind of like preparing to go cruising, actually!

Our past few days have felt similarly frustrating, to say the least! Just as things were moving forward, and work was wrapping up, setbacks occurred. We overcame one obstacle, another cropped up; we fixed one thing, then discovered yet another task that needed attention as well. And, truth be told, when we're down to the last few days of preparation, our biggest obstacle is ourselves, and our desire to just go. Because then, even the simplest of things begin to feel like a setback: waiting on workmen, waiting on parts, waiting for deliveries that never arrive...delays and frustration. Stressful, and Sisyphean, to say the least!! 

The last straw came this morning, for we had hoped to depart early and scoot across the Gulf Stream to the Bahamas while the seas were still relatively calm, and the winds southerly, but a recalcitrant impeller in the new hydraulic cooling pump dashed our hopes. While the impeller was re-lubricated, re-seated, and soon back in action, the marginal weather window we had hoped to use was rapidly dissipating with severe squalls and gusty winds forecast to move in from the southwest. But rather than rush and try to fling ourselves through that rapidly closing window...we didn't. Instead, we paused, took a deep breath, and ... relaxed! Yes, it is yet one more delay, but we're dealing with it! 

The radar picture is bright and pretty, but not in a good way!
While the desire to be back out cruising is strong, (really strong!) you just can't dismiss common sense. Weather trumps all, and with the boat heavy, loaded with fuel, spares and provisions, rushing out into rough seas would be an invitation for more things to go wrong. Once, we would have been unable to resist temptation, but now, having a few thousand miles under the hull, we're a bit more saavy. We'll get back out there soon enough, and hopefully, with much better weather in which to enjoy it! As Jimmy Buffett would say: "Breathe in, breathe out, move on!"

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