Thursday, October 6, 2011

Moving forward... I hope!

Well, another high speed day, with many things getting done aboard Equinox! Ron changed out the transmission oil on both transmissions while George finished wiring in our new freezer and replacing the aft bilge pump. They did other things as well, but I wasn't there to see it since I was, well...scattered! I had a list a mile long of odds and ends that we needed to get for the boat, so that was my task. Onerous indeed, as it was a fractured and bizarre list of assorted things.   

I spent the day today running errands to a multitude of places:

- Bed, Bath and Beyond, for coffee maker de-scaler, vacuum cleaner filters, and a new pair of long-handled tongs; 
- Total Wine, in an attempt to get a case of Rombauer cabernet for Ron as a treat --- and I failed miserably, as they only had one bottle; 
- Target, for deep plastic bins for storage and plastic hangers;
- Office Max, for printer paper, page protectors, binders, and a dozen packages of crayons and coloring books for Toys for Tots gifts this coming holiday season;
- Assorted auto stores and finally Napa, for hydraulic oil ISO 32 for topping off the main tank for the hydraulic stabilizers and windlass;
- Lowes, for six 5-gallon buckets to do coolant flushes on the main engines and generators;
- Publix, to the pharmacy to get our prophilactic Rx meds for cruising -- antibiotics and EpiPen -- along laundry detergent, dish soap and assorted canned goods. (Looking ahead, I realized I needed cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving. Which I got. Because if I didn't get it now, I'll not find it easily in the Caribbean!);
- West Marine to replace a broken shackle (Pelican clip) which is used to secure the dinghy up top while underway. After being in the boat yard, it's mysteriously missing its inner spring....hmmm? (So fun...I love having to pay $52 for the entire shackle unit when all I need is the .75 cent inner spring....which West Marine doesn't sell, of course);
- Some place else, which I don't remember. I was burnt out and frazzled after all the above stops. 

I  did make it back to the boat to unload all this stuff, and to admire all that Ron had gotten accomplished. Afterwards, we walked over to the Dolphin Bar, had a bite for dinner and are now heading to bed. At 9:00 p.m! But then again, as the joke goes, 9:00 p.m. is the cruiser's midnight!

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