Monday, June 22, 2009

Back in Baltimore!

All the work is finally finished on Equinox...she is now sporting some gorgeous new storm windows on the port side (let's hope we never need them!) and all the punch list items are taken care of, for the most part. The port engine was cleared for duty by Gary Gateau of Drum Point Marine, who so carefully examined it and recorded its temps and numbers. While it still runs 3 degrees warmer than starboard, it's well within specifications.

Ron and Karyn left Solomons and cruised up the Chesapeake Friday evening, the 19th, on a gorgeous calm Bay. We left at 4 pm, and due to the distance, knew we wouldn't arrive until midnight or so, but the weather was so lovely, we couldn't resist!! Ally headed up by car (having brought Ron down to the boat) so was there awaiting our arrival. We passed the Grandeur of the Seas heading south...looked for a while there she was aiming right at us! Those ships are so big and so fast, we slow trawlers really have to keep an eye out for them.

As it turned out, we got in just a little over midnight; Ally was aboard Medici next door having spent the evening with Charlie and Trish. We appreciated being snug in our slip the next morning, when it was stormy and raining. There were tornado watches all over the Bay, and thunder rumbled most of the day. We spent the day in the engine room, changing oil and various filters (14 of them!) from oil filters to Racor fuel filters. It was a long day, but productive. The next week will be a test, since we have a lot to do to prepare for departure on Friday. We want to be ready if the weather cooperates!

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