Monday, June 15, 2009

Solomons once again....

My early morning view over coffee from the cockpit

...after our lovely interlude in Annapolis over the weekend, we brought Equinox back to Spring Cove for the final items on the maintenance list: getting the fiddle installed on the stove, getting the storm windows fitted for the saloon port side, one last gel coat touch-up, among others. Karyn was captain, doing the piloting leaving Annapolis as well as the docking upon arrival in Solomons. The new port shaft and properly tuned propeller make a big difference -- our fuel consumption is so much better! Glad we got that tweaked! Ron is back at work (only a few days left!) this being Monday, and the girls will be heading out to the beach for a few days with another Oldfields friend and family tomorrow. It's a quiet kind of overcast day, perfect for sleeping in (which the girls are doing), catching up on paperwork, phone calls and planning, but first, coffee on the aft deck!

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