Monday, June 1, 2009

Still hard...

...being on the hard. It gives one pause to be back on land and missing the boat. Lots of time to ruminate, actually. retrospect, thinking about what Gregg said about Equinox being overweight...he must have been thinking of a KK48' or another smaller version, as I checked the specifications on the 58' and at half load, the boat already weighs 96,500 lbs! So at 100,000 lbs, we aren't so fat and happy after all! The dinghy weighs the most, at almost 850 lbs all in, with its 60 hp engine, which means we don't have 9 tons of stuff aboard. Whew!! Here I was going to blame Allison for all her clothes, or...all Ron's business suits (which will be offloaded soon!). But...nope, probably just the spares and the dive compressor. So...not too bad after all. Of course, when I watch The Deadliest Catch, then I realize how very much we have it easy. You are not going to catch me out on the Bering Sea, knocking 4" of ice off the railings. Isn't going to happen!!

Nevertheless, it was an enjoyable weekend aboard. Yes, even on land, we stayed on the boat as that is what we all wanted to do after Ally returned from Paris. And it was a great, time from the weather to the bicycling, and especially, just being together. Ally just enjoyed some quiet time, loading her Paris photos to her computer while Ron and I went out and cycled. We did 26 miles on Saturday, and 30 on Sunday.

Being out of the water was totally weird though. You get so used to being aboard, you have to remember which systems will not work OUT of the water. So...this weekend I had to resort to using the laundry facilities at the marina, and of course, I couldn't get the machines to operate. (No, not totally out of touch, just recalcitrant machines!!) But what was scary was that I spent so much time moving laundry in and out of broken machines, that I couldn't I remember if I left laundry in the machines, or not. Truly felt that I hadn't left anything, but yes, the next morning I realized our riding gear was still there in the washing machines. Ooops. Sorry for hogging the machines!

Anyway, we were so happy to even ride on Sunday after waking to noisy thunderstorms Sunday morning! And, talk about being pleased that we have lightning protection... for some reason, I felt very exposed out on the boatyard versus being in a slip. The lightning seemed everywhere, briefly, and then after the rain we slipped out for a ride just as Ally was waking, and did a strong 30 miles. Let it be noted that sometimes -- a rare sometimes -- the wind CAN be at your back. :) Nevertheless, a good weekend together and we enjoyed another fine dinner at the CD Cafe Saturday night, and an interesting lunch at Solomons Pier before heading back to the house.

Which is where we are, at the house.

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