Friday, June 12, 2009

Boat Maintenance... never ending! But, after a couple weeks out of the water, Equinox is happy to be wet! Karyn spent the day cleaning and vacuuming inside, then cleaning the accumulated boatyard grit off the aft cockpit chairs. In general, just tried to stay out of the way of Rob Abbott from Martek, who was here re-programing some of the Furuno instruments (had conflicting software issues) as well as the AHBY guys who were working on repairing and re-painting the summer kitchen drain cover up on the flybridge. We can tell we've not had our guys from Dean's Yacht Service available and able to clean the boat...she's in desperate need of a bath!  In the afternoon, after Ron got back from work (12 days left!), we hosted Ashley Love from T2Productions, the company that is working on a promo video for Kadey-Krogen Yachts. We'd shot some video footage of Equinox in the Bahamas this past winter, which Ashley edited into a nice little segment, and she wanted to get footage of Ron and I describing our trip, why we love our boat, the cruising lifestyle, etc. Guess that was our "15-minutes of fame", to paraphrase Andy Warhol!

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