Monday, August 31, 2009

Ally's Birthday weekend: Annapolis!

The Captains Ron!

Sorry for the delay in and its sundry details got the best of us this week! We weren't exactly stationary, though, as we did a quick cruise down to Annapolis for the weekend of Ally's birthday. Ally had her girlfriend Kayleigh along, so they were happy to sunbathe and listen to their music on the journey south, for another night's stay at Annapolis Harbor Boat Yard. John Norton, AHBY's owner, helped us tie up and then proceeded to show us some stainless samples and get some measurements for the new hard top that they are fabricating for our flybridge. Ron is excited about getting rid of the flimsy bimini, even though it will reduce our ability to get under fixed bridges. (It's not like we ever put the mast down as it is, and have no plans to do the Great Loop either, so we're not too perturbed by the height restriction it will impose.) The larger concern is not to add too much weight up top, as we have enough stuff on the FB as it is! John's CAD drawing of the hardtop looks great; they'll go ahead and get it made, and it will be installed later in the month/early next month right before the boat show!

Part of our plan to cruise to Annapolis was to meet up with our friends the Messanos, who were aboard their boat, Clairebuoyant, in a slip over at The Yacht Basin. We were delighted to meet up with them again before Claire heads off to college at Providence next week, and before Ally starts boarding during the week at Oldfields. Being without the dinghy (which is in for repairs at Maritime Solutions) we rode the folding bikes over the Compromise Street bridge to meet them for a quick early nibble at Pusser's on the waterfront in Annapolis. We're almost becoming regulars!!

In the evening, we all walked over for a lovely dinner at Ruth's Chris' Steak House in Eastport with Kayleigh, the Messanos, and Claire's boyfriend Eric Schubert. Ally wanted a dinner out for her day, and we were all glad to indulge her!! Eric had never eaten at Ruth's Chris' before, so really enjoyed the treat! A great dinner -- and a better time -- was had by all!! Ally was most excited with her gifts: homemade scones from Ann Messano among other treats, and a great pair of leather sneakers from Kayleigh.

Kayleigh, Ally, Eric and Claire

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