Sunday, March 27, 2011

Diving and the Blues!

We made a few more dives today, wanting to explore some different sites and look for more lobster. We found the former, never saw the latter! Unfortunately, the weather was kicking up a bit, so the rough water prevented us from going too far out of the more protected areas, and the gray overcast skies didn't exactly give us great light at depth. Again, with the seas stirred up, the visibility also suffered, but that didn't stop us! 

The coral formations here are quite gorgeous. Layers upon layers of encrusting corals of all types descend down in huge flowing steps along the spurs and grooves of the reef, with a variety of sponges, from huge barrel sponges down to delicate, lacy fringing sponges hanging off the undersides of the ledges. Plenty of fish life here too...I startled a huge Scorpionfish that was camouflaged on the reef (startled me too!), large sea cucumbers, and juveniles of all kinds. There were small French Angelfish with their bold yellow stripes, small smooth trunkfish, and I found the tiniest Flamingo Tongue ever -- maybe 3/4", and nearly transparent - on a pale lavender sea rod. It didn't even have the orange spots, just shades of lavender and purple! Very cool! Ron came across of couple of sleeping nurse sharks, one of which was quite large at 6' or so. It didn't like being disturbed, so it meandered off rather grumpily. There were grunts, wrasses, damselfish, hamlets and parrotfish, and huge schools of pale blue doctorfish too. BUT....nary a lobster! Still, stunning underwater topography and enjoyable diving!

In the late afternoon, we battened things down in preparation for tomorrow's early morning departure. Filled tanks, pulled up the dinghy, strapped down the salon chairs and table, secured latches and hatches, stowed all and any sundry items that could move in any way possible -- the usual! For dinner, it was a variety of items including chicken wings and sundowners at the Golden Rail once again,  while we enjoyed watching and listening to the Blues Society of St. Croix jam on the stage across from the Golden Rail! Quite fun! The Blues Society is a local group that jams together every Sunday night, and invites all aspiring and interested musicians to play along. From early Johnny Cash to Eric Clapton to other blues greats, the songs were diverse, fun to hear and better to watch! A great night had by all!

A few of the local performers in action!

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