Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Gustavia, St. Barths

Today we had an active day! We both worked out up on the FB on the bike trainer, enjoying the island scenery and the beauty of the yachts on the water. After showering and coffee, we went into town so that we could see the stores actually open (yesterday they were closed tighter than a drum!), and did a bit of shopping. We walked about Gustavia again, stopping for a light lunch at Bar de L’oubli St. Barth. Ah, more French food!!

Walking the streets of Gustavia
We got some wines at the Cellar du Governour, and some marine park vouchers for diving. Apparently you have to pay per dive here by buying tickets for specific sites at the Marine Park office. There are mooring buoys on all the dive sites, so it is quite easy to find the sites when out in your dinghy. We went out and did a great dive on a sunken tug at Le Pain de Sucre in 90’, as well as another slightly shallower spot closer in to the jutting outcrop of rocks near there. Lots of large lobster, plenty of snapper and reef fish from small sharpnose pufferfish to trunkfish, to angels, blue runners, parrotfish, trumpetfish and dories. 

We relaxed over a early dinner at La Repaire, (fabulous wahoo tartare!) where we also discovered that they had wifi internet access. Ron downloaded e-mail and we called Ally, who is in WI this past weekend to be with Karyn’s folks. (Internet access has been spotty, so forgive me when the blog isn't updated as often!!)

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