Monday, March 7, 2011

Slow days

View of Grand Case as we approached in the dinghy
The past couple of days have been slow days for us. We were waiting on the electronics guy to come fix the dinghy radio, but we found out he wasn’t coming until  tomorrow. SO….we took the dinghy over to Grand Case…it’s all so close by boat, and what takes a half-hour or more in the car is only a few minutes by dinghy. Fun! We docked at the erstaz dinghy dock, walked about Grand Case, and had a late lunch/early dinner at one of the lolos overlooking the beach. 
Chicken, fresh red snapper and ribs on the barbie!

Ron said the smell of everything roasting was mouth-watering!

Lolos are narrow barbeque huts with picnic tables, serving an assortment of inexpensive food. Their barbeques run full time, smoking away, crammed with racks of ribs, chicken, conch, fresh snapper and lobster, tempting all who pass by. The plates are served with plenty of sides to go around: mac and cheese, fried plantains, corn on the cob, salad, peas and rice, cole slaw, johnny cake among others. There was lots on the menu that we didn’t try, like the fried christophene (although I have cooked that before) or the saltfish cakes, but what we did have was quite good! 
What is that last one??
We returned to the boat in the late afternoon. We managed to run a few errands (get fuel for the dinghy and get a few items at the Supermarche) the freshened up a bit and relaxed. After a light dinner of baguette, une plateau de fromage (fabulous assorted cheese plate) and a crème de pate, we took the dinghy back over to Grand Case for a glass of wine at Il Nettuna Restaurant and a walk through the town on a lovely warm evening.  A full day!

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