Sunday, April 5, 2009

Cruise to Baltimore's Inner Harbor

A bright sunny day, albeit a bit chilly, but with the tenuous warmth of the sun finally reaching us, we had to get the boat out! We needed to fuel up after our trip north, but considering it was the first time since last November, it wasn't so painful. We love the efficiency of our John Deere engines -- they burn about 7 gph TOTAL (~ 3.5 gph per engine) at cruise speed of 8.5 knots -- so while we're slow, we have a great range! Anyway, after fueling at BMC, and sending Ally off to lacrosse practice, we headed out to do an early spring harbor cruise!!
As you can see, there weren't many boats out, so we had our pick of where to dock Equinox on the wall in front of Light Street Pavillion. We were all to ourselves initially....and then, lo and behold, we were joined by Serenity, the Hatteras owned by Dan and Trish Carney! They had Trish's son Jason along as well, so we enjoyed a little Champagne Sunday on our back deck before a dinghy arrived with Karen and Kerry Moser aboard -- they'd seen us cruise past Inner Harbor East, where they live aboard Concrete Idea, so came to join the fun. Who knew we'd be so popular?? Can't miss us, that's for sure. Here's a view of Serenity and Equinox docked in front of the promenade of the Inner Harbor, as seen from under the bowsprit of the USS Constellation:

And a closer shot, of just Equinox on the wall below...we just sat back in the cockpit, enjoyed the sunshine and indulged in a bit of people watching. Before we knew it, we had more visitors as Erik and Stephanie Wexler were downtown, enjoying the sunny day with Charlie, their darling little dachshund. So well-mannered, he was quivering with happiness over the reflections and shadows off the water (and my watch!) while aboard. Love an impromptu party: Great fun, and good company!

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