Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Rainy cold Maryland...

...and WHY are we back again?? Oh wait, I remember....spring in Maryland is lovely. So it can show up any time now!! Truly, I haven't been warm or dry since we got back, with the cold northerly winds and now the damp rainy chill that is pervasive. UGH! Hopefully the coming weekend will bring warmer weather!!

Last night Ron was feeling mechanically-inclined, so changed out the oil, oil and fuel filters, and both raw water impellers for our two generators. The impellers are the worst, only because where they are located on each engine is in a pain-in-the-ass place to access. Which makes a 10-minute job a half-hour of aggravation! But, between the two of us, all needed maintenance was completed well, oil samples prepared for analysis, and both gensets are happy little engines with clean oil!

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