Monday, April 27, 2009

Bay Shore Marine

We had Sean and Chris from Bay Shore return today to replace the engine exhaust manifold gaskets (HEAVY lifting involved -- and no, NOT a five-minute job, but not expected to be either!!). They drained the coolant from each engine, took things apart and carefully replaced each gasket. Sean said that he thought John Deere might be re-tooling the design for this area to have an o-ring versus a gasket, which would be better. Hopefully, these gaskets will do their job and last a bit longer, although we do have over 1000 hours on the mains. Sean also cleaned out the heat exchangers -- had some grassy material partially clogging the intakes, which would explain the warming temps on the port engine (5 degrees hotter than stbd, which is unusual) at WOT. Even though we've been good about checking the sea strainers, guess a few bits and pieces of thin sea grass slips through now and again. We'll be more vigilant in the future, and check the heat exchangers when we do the coolant flushes in the future.

Now all we have to do is figure out why the electronics are acting up...

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