Monday, May 24, 2010

Busy week!

I apologize for the delay in posting, but life has been intruding on my time lately! It's easier to write aboard the boat when there aren't as many distractions going on. Although, it's actually a bit of a double-edged sword, since communication and internet access is often more difficult then too. Still wouldn't trade it for the world; we love being aboard!

Being in port though, has enabled us to get a lot of work done on Equinox! Gel coat work and cap rail work are proceeding nicely, on the way to getting Equinox back to looking her best. We'll be getting her detailed and waxed outside once the paint work is done. This past week we had her thoroughly cleaned and detailed inside as well, which was a godsend! With the weather so windy and cool this past winter and spring, we had the hatches and windows open quite often. While the cooling effect of the wind was delightful, the amount of dust that came in was definitely not. Thus, it was fabulous to have the interior professionally cleaned, dusted and polished! 

Some of the cosmetic repairs underway

Aft cap rail ready for polishing 

Eclipse and Tingum have been receiving attention as well, with each taking turns for service at the dealer's boat yard. Tingum had new and better stereo speakers put in (seeing as how Ron and Ally love their music, this was essential) along with a few needed repairs and punch list items. We also got extra bow cleats installed, to better secure her when at the dock. Lots of little things accomplished, and more being coordinated!

This past weekend we had a reprieve from boat work while Ally was home from school. It was great to be with her again!! She is now officially done with term exams and will wrap up her senior year with her final Oldfields' May Program. She's participating in a two-week community service trip to Argentina this year, and is very excited about seeing that part of the world. From sight-seeing in Buenos Aires to living with host families in the northern part of the country, it should be a great experience! We spent part of the time getting last-minute items for her trip, but she also went out riding with Ron Saturday afternoon -- she rode my bike, and it was her first foray using clipless pedals. They did an easy 10-mile loop; Ally did quite well and she really enjoyed it. We followed that up with a delicious dinner at 11 Maple, in celebration of being together!

Father and daughter ready to ride...

Heading out!

Sunday afternoon was a travel day, as both Ron and Ally had flights. Ally returned to school, as her OS group will fly to Argentina tomorrow, and Ron headed out to California for a few days to visit his stepbrother. Never fear, I won't be bored as I get to continue to coordinate and schedule work on Equinox until his return. Yep, it's a boat: there's always something to do!

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