Saturday, May 8, 2010

Glorious weather, Day Two!

Seas don't get any calmer than this!

Once again, beautiful weather!! We felt absolutely decadent in enjoying it, since we’ve had nothing but wind, wind and more wind this past winter and spring. Here we had good weather two days in a row! Ron and I dove in the morning at Moray Alley, where we immediately noticed lion fish everywhere. There were three on the coral head right at the mooring line anchor, and several others tucked in the reef throughout the dive. (One was just HUGE...boy, did I wish I was snorkeling with a spear!) We also saw a big green moray eel, swimming amongst the coral formations just as we were on the mooring line, starting our ascent at the end of the dive. Why is it we always see totally cool creatures when we’re out of no-decompression dive time?? It never fails!

A big cargo boat pulling into Bimini Sands...
and here we thought the entry was tight for us!
In the  afternoon, Ron talked all the guys into going out in Tingum and  trying our hand at fishing once again. Karen and I went along, although I took a book and read while we let the guys play with the baitfish and rods. Being fishing neophytes, we’re always learning and after today, we learned what NOT to do. We fished all afternoon to no avail...and learned that when the seas are clear and calm, trolling is a bust! When we returned, there was a big fishing boat at the dock near the cleaning station, processing a cooler full of big fish from groupers to hogfish. Clearly, we should have been bottom fishing, but what did we know? Not enough!! 

Amore, Concrete Idea and Equinox all in a row
at Bimini Sands Marina

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