Friday, May 7, 2010

Gorgeous weather at last!!

Ron and I enjoyed the utterly gorgeous weather which has finally arrived!! No winds (amazing!) and calm seas -- almost mirror smooth -- it was wonderful. We dove early in the morning on the Bimini Trader again, and although we didn’t see any hammerheads or other sharks, but it still was a lovely dive, relaxing and beautiful. After we returned to the marina, Ron took everyone from Concrete Idea and Amore over to snorkel on the SS Sapona while I remained aboard Equinox to tackle some long-overdue correspondence, phone calls and e-mail. Now that we have internet access, I’m trying to get hotel arrangements in place for Ally’s graduation next month; it feels odd to be a visitor in our old home town now that we don’t have a slip or a place of our own in Maryland any more! I managed to get a lot accomplished, so with a light heart, I was delighted to hear how much everyone enjoyed snorkeling when they all returned. 
It was the first time for both Kerry and Karen to see the amazing fish life in Bahamian waters, and they both really enjoyed it. They were really interested in the different fish, so I showed them our Caribbean Reef Fish Identification reference book by Ned DeLoach and Paul Humann, which has photos of adults and juveniles alike of all sorts of reef fish. It's a well-researched book, and it’s really spectacular. We have several other of their beautiful books as well, and I never tire of looking through them after every dive. During a dive, I always make it a point to try to spot a fish that I'm not familiar with,  and then try to identify it by using the DeLoach/Humann books. (Check out for more information on their books.) 

When everyone had changed out of their swim suits and showered, we took Tingum over to North Bimini to show Karen and Kerry around that island a little, while Dave and Dorie went to get a Bahamian phone card for use while here. We hung out at the bar at Brown’s Marina for a bit, before cruising up to the Bimini Bay Marina and seeing a bit of that resort. While most folks were going to party it up at Brown’s later that night with live music, we made it an early evening, heading back to Bimini Sands for dinner at the Petite Conch before we all crashed out early. Just another day in paradise!

Our motley crew at Brown's Hotel and Marina

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