Monday, May 17, 2010

Florida art!

One of the things we've noticed about Florida is its abundance of artistic free spirits! It's lovely in that there are a lot of art galleries and studios around, with special events and shows on the weekends in the county parks or sponsored by the local Chambers of Commerce. While bicycling around here, though we've noticed one area in particular where people apparently want to be creative: with their mailboxes! 

This past weekend it struck me as to just how many unusual mailboxes there are here. Some are clearly purchased, like the fairly common fiberglass manatee or porpoise mailbox stands, but there are several that are definitely one-of a-kind! There are lots of different hand-painted boxes with flowers or palm trees or other tropical motifs, to boxes with actual seashells and rocks adorning them, to boxes with ceramic cats perched on top, to boxes with antlers. (Kid you not!) All amusing and very creative! 

On Saturday, Ron and I went out and did a 34-mile bicycle ride, north up towards Port. St. Lucie and back. It was not intended to be such a long ride, but we're not all that familiar with the roads around here, so we didn't quite know where we were going! Still, it was great to get out and push it a bit. Although, the winds pushed us right back...the head winds here are brutal, especially along the river! But, while bicycling Saturday I saw so many of these artistic mailboxes that I began to look for them as I went cycling past! Today, when we did a shorter 20-mile loop, I took my camera along to capture the mailbox sights and funky fun! I wonder what the mailman thought when he first saw these?

Some boxes show folks' hobbies and passions...

...and some are very nautical in their decor.

This is made out of an old buoy, I believe.

Pineapple is King along the Treasure Coast!

Making use of a huge banyan tree by the driveway

And, my personal favorite...a tower (lighthouse?) with 
Rapunzel letting down her long braid of hair. Literally!! 

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