Sunday, March 29, 2009

Back in home port!

We pulled in at 11:00, and were greeted by boat neighbors Trish Carney (Serenity) and Rick (Priden Joy) who came to help with tying off the lines as Ron backed into our slip. SO NICE TO BE HOME! Despite the cold and foggy weather, our spirits weren't the least bit dampened, and were very grateful to be to tied up and secure in the slip!! Murphy's Law did show up at last, as it was Sunday, so of course, clearing Customs and Immigrations was not going to happen!! Even the after-hours phone number was futile, so....we technically were quarantined to the boat! We finished up the boat log, shut down the electronics in the PH, and documented our efforts at clearing in, then....made the best of it: CHAMPAGNE SUNDAY!!

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