Saturday, May 23, 2009

Blue Angels!!

Solomons Tiki Bar

We have our good friends Paul and Muriel McDonnell aboard for the weekend, visiting from New Jersey. It's a tradition of sorts to be together for Memorial Day, which started over 20 years ago when Paul would drive down from NYC to join us at the Herd skydiving boogie way back in the day!! So, we are just continuing the tradition, although now its even better with Muriel along. We shared a fabulous crab cake dinner Friday night (along with a fair bit of a wine -ouch!) and had a great time catching up. It was odd to be without the girls; Ally is off on an Oldfields May Program trip and their girls are off with friends, so it was just us adults for a change! Today Paul, Ron and I had a beautiful 18-mile bike ride north of Solomons, then hit the Tiki Bar for lunch by dinghy before heading out across the Patuxent to watch the Blue Angels practice their amazing air show from the Patuxent Naval Air Station. We had prime seats, anchored right off the runway along with dozens of other boats, to watch and listen as the planes ripped open the sky with their grace and power. It was unbelievable and SO much fun!!

Blue Angels roaring overhead

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