Wednesday, May 27, 2009

On the hard!

It's hard, in all respects of the word, to be out of the water. From the delicate handling of the boat in the Travelift in the haul-out slip to blocking and securing her on land, to our needing to be back at the house for a few days while the work is completed, it's all difficult. Thankfully, the guys at Spring Cove have done this a time or two before with other KK58s, and were very meticulous throughout the whole process. Equinox topped out the scales at 100,000 lbs Gregg pointed out, that means we have 9 tons of stuff aboard above the bare weight of the ship. OUCH!! Made poor Equinox look fat and heavy!! Perhaps we have gone a bit overboard (ahem) with the spare equipment we have stored under our bed and Ally's bed...and here I thought that living aboard was about doing more with .... less? Hmmmm, will have to rethink that, apparently!
Equinox being eased out of the water

Getting a bath before blocking

Ready to be blocked

Sitting pretty, ready for work

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