Monday, November 23, 2009

Breakfast on the Beach....

Our approach to Sandy Cay in the dinghy coming across the
edges of the little Bahama Bank the Straw Bar this morning, with our friend Peter off Celebration. He arrived just a day after we did, with the remainder of his family is flying in tomorrow. We'd met Peter and his son Sam last year, when we were all here at West End in the spring...seems like old home week!! (Certainly would be if the Miles Aweigh was here, but...not to happen, as she's in the yard yet, much to our -- and the Miles' -- dismay. We miss them!!) But you never know who you are going to meet when you're out cruising! All part of the fun!

In any event, our leisurely breakfast was followed by a family scuba dive out on the reefs off West End. Again, it was a dive we all enjoyed! There was little current and fairly decent visibility, although it wasn't quite as clear as it was yesterday. It's always so fun to dive with Ally, as she has sharp eyes and finds creatures that Ron and I often miss. This morning, she found a small spotted moray eel tucked away in a crevice of the reef that Ron swam right past. I just marvel at all the juvenile fish there....lots of parrotfish, butterflyfish, damselfish, wrasses, and grunts swimming about, with gobies, cardinalfish, squirrelfish, rock hinds, red hinds shyly peeking out from their hiding's a very pretty dive site!

While Ron refilled the scuba tanks (which took longer than normal as the O2 sensor regulator is leaking) Karyn packed the cooler with a picnic lunch. We took the dinghy up to Sandy Cay, where we relaxed on the beach, walked along the shore, looked for shells and snorkeled, looking for lobster holes. There were lots of large southern stingrays in the sand, and tons of orange starfish, some startlingly large. We enjoyed the lunch, the sunshine and the views! It was a low-key, kick-back kind of day!

Ally in the sea pines on the southwestern edge of the cay

The western side has a secluded beach -- wild and unsettled

One of the shore birds on Sandy Cay

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