Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It's always something!!

It was a bit of a maintenance day today after our fun day in the sun yesterday. Ron made a few phone calls in the morning (gotta love Skype!) and after a consultation with Nuvair, confirmed that the O2 sensor regulator was leaking. Thankfully it's not put us out of comission, as it could be removed and the hole capped off while a replacement gets shipped. Being resourceful, Ron realized it was just a regulator, and amongst his scuba parts, he had the perfect cap for it. SO...after testing and tightening a bit...compressor is working well again! Ron''s becoming more McGyver-like all the time, but he doesn't think so!

For the daily "fun surprise", Karyn was all set to get a start on the Thanksgiving menu items, although much to her incredulous dismay, discovered that the oven stopped working!! Now isn't that a fun surprise?? It heated right up to 375, but didn't hold the temperature and then shut off. Turns out thermocoupler/ignition switches in the oven have died, so need to be replaced. Trying to get parts was interesting...Viking put Ron through the paces, giving him phone number after phone number to call in an attempt to find "local" service center...one of the numbers only had a Spanish recording, so....not much use there! Ron was so distraught -- talk about poor timing!! We are putting the truth in the old adage about fixing one's boat in exotic places, but I'm more than a little tired of that phrase now! Enough already!! Here we are, about to have 15-20 people on island for Thanksgiving and the oven dies!! AUGH!!

Thankfully though, the resort management here is fabulous; we asked Nathan (the OBB manager extraordinaire) and he knew whom to call to see if there were any local parts in stock, as their professional stoves are all Vikings too. While it turned out there were no parts to be found locally, Ron arranged for the right parts to be sent from Miami overnight to our friends who are coming on Thursday. SO we can fix the boat after they arrive...in the nick of time!
The necessary part

However, we'd previously arranged to rent one of the beautiful waterfront homes here for Thanksgiving day (seeing as we don't have seating for that many people on the boat), so we will have access to another oven! We will move Equinox to the house dock for the day, so as to have all our Thanksgiving provisioning available and will just prepare the food ashore. The house is gorgeous, with has plenty of table space both indoor and outdoor, (as well as a heated pool!) so we will celebrate in style!

And, some of our friends/family have already arrived!! We have Shelley here (sadly sans Miles Aweigh or Miles Behind -- ) who flew in from her job in Denver, and we are expecting Ron's sister Laura and her family to arrive tomorrow. No matter the "fun surprises" or obstacles, they will be overcome, and we are looking forward to Thanksgiving! :)

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