Thursday, November 12, 2009

Clean power and clean chimneys...


Karyn and Ally are enduring the lovely Nor'easter that is hitting the Maryland and Delaware coasts. (See above photo!) Pouring rain, winds averaging 35-45 knots...gusts to 50 tomorrow, so hang onto your hats! Ally is busy prepping for term exams, writing papers and studying hard while Karyn is sorting through all the mail that was on hold the past 3 weeks, busy contacting the cable & phone companies regarding closing/transfering accounts and last minute moving items now that the big truckload of stuff has departed south. Still so much to be done!

In the meantime, down in Florida, Ron wins the award for persistence and patience in getting things done aboard! He arranged for some fuel to be delivered to the boat, got the lazarette hatch support struts replaced (they hold open the hatch, as it's so heavy...don't want that coming down on anyone!) and coordinated a visit with Kadey-Krogen, Martek and Ward Electric, all to determine where the problem was with getting the satellite TV to work again. In the end, it turned out that Martek had failed to isolate the Newmar power supply (supposedly a clean power supply for the KVH system) so the computer on the Newmar breaker was causing problems with the KVH. Thankfully, everyone was able to come aboard at the same time to work together and determine where the weak link was, or else we'd still be dealing with the mystery of why the sat TV wouldn't work. And, easily resolved, so now we have clean power once again and a working KVH system. Yay! any event, we are closer to getting all the final punch list items tweaked, from the watermaker (new head pump unit in: putting out 40 gph now and working like a champ!) to the Nitrox compressor getting some oil return lines attached properly. (Initial installation error, they still under warranty!) Now it's down to the underwater lights, and Ron will be getting hauled out tomorrow for their inspection and replacement. It'll be a quick haul-out and splash back in, or so they say....let's hope so!!

Back in Maryland, after the packing frenzy and loading of the moving van, Karyn gratefully enjoyed the generosity of our neighbors Ricky and David the last couple of nights (not having anything in the frig, nor TV at the house) sharing dinner, wine and good company. With Ally home tonight, the two of us decided to stay here in the house. We started a cozy fire in the fireplace tonight, as we thought we'd enjoy it just one more time while we actually have a fireplace! And yes, it was oh, so cozy -- except for the wasps that flew out of the chimney and terrorized us a while as the fire got started!! (Not to worry, no one got stung, but it wasn't really as relaxing as we'd hoped!) Actually, rather exciting for a while there....burn, burn, damned wasps!! But, the chimney is now clean, and the fire lovely!

Ally thought they were this big. She's not a fan of bugs.

So...what will tomorrow bring?? :) Always an adventure!!

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