Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Rain, rain and waterspouts!

Well, it wasn't quite the day we envisioned for family to join us....gray and dull all morning, then torrential rains with waterspouts tearing around the west end of West End. Squally and rather exciting at moments, thankfully to die down and merely ....rain. So, we put the day to good use, prepping and cooking and making ready for the feast day tomorrow!! What else are you going to do in paradise when the weather throws you a curve? Roll with it, right?

Karyn made a loaf of savory bread yesterday, which she cut into croutons for the stuffing today...which smelled pretty darn good, let me tell you! Then, she assembled her corn cheddar casserole mid-morning, to be baked tomorrow with all the other dishes. Happily, about half-way through the assembly of said corn casserole, she overheard the kids (Shelley, Sam and Ally) on Skype receive the good news that Shelley will be staying with us for Thanksgiving!! Hopefully, the weather will cooperate so that Papa and Mama Miles will join us as well, but the seas have to lie down and behave if they are to join us here, as they have to make the crossing aboard the Miles Behind (their 35' open console fishing boat). We can only keep our fingers crossed!!

Other news is that we have a contract on the Maryland house! Very exciting!! Thus, lots of phone calls were made and many downloaded pages signed, faxed and e-mailed. Who would have thought that we could be selling our house while aboard the boat in the Bahamas?? We're kind of shell-shocked that it happened so fast, but....all good! We'll be back in FL and MD in mid-December if it all goes through as planned/hoped! Wish us well on that front.

While we waited for Laura, Jeff, Marina and Jordan to arrive, we all watched Star Trek on DVD, and prepped the famous family recipe of "Daphne's Sweet Potatoes". Daphne was the long-time maid/housekeeper for Ron's parents in NYC whom Karyn first met along with Ron's folks more than 25 years ago. Daphne, a beautiful Jamaican lady who always did the everyday cooking and cleaning, always made the most fantastic mashed sweet potatoes for their Thanksgiving dinners over the years. When Daphne was about to retire, Karyn and Ron finally got the recipe from her... scribbled down in haste in the kitchen as she recited it from memory. We still have the original half-page of paper that we used to transcribe the recipe, still safely tucked away in my cookbook here aboard the boat ...we used it yet again today!! Happily, we also had Bahamian sweet potatoes to mix in with the others, to add a bit of the Bahamas to our Thanksgiving, seeing as we are here. Yum!

It's quiet now, after enduring amazingly torrential rains during dinner with everyone who arrived today. Tomorrow, weather prevailing, we will be joined by additional friends to make the day a complete raucous, fun and fabulous affair!

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